Sergio Xalambrí

Shared Links

The God Login

A big collection of tips on how to create a better login for any application.
Architecture as a burden

A great list of bad decisions in Software Architecture and how to avoid them.
The Architecture of Open Source Applications (Volume 2): Scalable Web Architecture and Distributed Systems

A comprehensive guide on scalable architectures for web applications.
Your Body Text Is Too Small

An excelent article on why you should use a bigger body text in order to provide a better readability experience.
Refactoring UI

Tips and articles on how to create better UIs without learning a lot of design
Scaling React Server-Side Rendering

A comprehensive guide on how to scale a React SSR application
ZEIT - New Static Deployments

At ZEIT we lunched a new version of the static deployments which enable custom configuration (aka native support for SPAs).

An interesting (and long) article explaining how to code good cards UI components.